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I had an art reception on Thursday night and J came down from the north to hang out and help me out with the girls. Since the only babysitter I have ever hired to watch my kids, ended up being a DRUG DEALER (seriously, this was a few years ago, and a woman at swimming lessons used to work with the babysitter I used once and panicked when I told her how great she was and she goes, “DON’T EVER HIRE HER AGAIN!”

Anyway, having J across the street giving the girls pizza and then bringing them over to hang out and have reception food and all that, the time was over quickly for all of us and I walked home with some great cash in my pocket.

Friday was Blue’s 6th birthday. Amidst a week of Spooky Man, police, art reception, doctor appointments, taking down a show that is an hour away, AND Blue’s birthday, I had my work cut out for me. It didn’t help that we had no school on Tuesday. Because Tuesday was our day off in pajamas, and then we took a drive to the (gasp) mall for lunch at Rainforest Cafe, per Blue’s request (in place of an actual birthday party with her class, which I refuse to do every year).

Little did I know, Veteran’s Day IS NOT THE DAY TO GO TO THE MALL.

It was packed with people. We parked a mile away. At 1:30 pm, there was a two hour wait for a table at Rainforest Cafe.

I was smart though, we ran a few errands and went back 45 minutes later and lo and behold, we got a table. (not understanding Rainforest Cafe logic THERE).

The food bites.

Thursday I baked Blue’s cookies for school and then a cake for Friday after school, her actual birthday. J was joining us for the final hour of cake and opening presents and then I threw them in the car to take them to their dad’s for the weekend.

Oh, did I mention that in the midst of this, it not only rained but I also had my windshield replaced?

After dropping the girls off at their dad’s, I followed J North to his place for the weekend.

There, we sat in bed and watched movies, worked on our laptops, ate comfort food, drank wine.

This was my last weekend with him before he goes away to play, down south. As in, over a bit of ocean “south”.

I’ll see him in the next week, he’ll come see the girls and me before he flies out of Boston. His first night playing down there is Thanksgiving. I will see him exactly one month later. And then say goodbye again for another six weeks.

“A little blip in time,” he says.

Over the weekend, his sister asked him how he felt about this big long gig. And he grabbed my hand tighter and looked over at me and said, “I have mixed feelings.”

So, to say I’ll miss him, is an understatement. To say I feel reassured by the strength of our relationship, these few months later, is solid. To say that we share the same sentiments about each other, is accurate.

To say I completely support his going, because this gig is BIG. Financially, it is big. Professionally, it is big. To challenge him, it is big. If I didn’t care about him the way I do, if I weren’t reassured by his coming back, I would sit here and fuss and be mad and feel abandoned. 

But I don’t.

I would SO not be a good partner if I put that on him. Plus, I don’t feel it, which is a benefit to both of us.

I gave him a going away gift. Close your ears if you aren’t willing to hear dirty dialog, because this is what happened:

Me: I have a going away present for you.

J: Are you going to lick me all over?

M: Yes, but not just that.

J: Are you going to do that…you know…..

M: Yes, but not just that.

He loved the pocket watch I bought for him. I searched for the right one for a long long time. His cell phone won’t work (he uses it for his clock) down there, nor does he wear a watch on his wrist.

M: I got you this for you to take with you.

After opening it and looking at it and thanking me softly, he practiced opening and closing it the way the watch seller showed me to do it, so as to not break down the clasp.

And then he murmured, “I always wanted a pocket watch. I love that you gave me this.”

The inscription, I am going to keep private.

(I am writing this while I am gasping for breath, I returned home with a horrible horrible cold. LAST weekend, I was sick, but it was mild and over in a day or so. Now, I am coughing, sneezing, stuffy, horribly miserably, gack. SO not sexy)

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