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Seven Days of sick


Being sick all week, spending time in the doctor’s office Thursday and starting some antibiotics, sleeping terrible, feeling like crap…well…so Friday, I realized when I woke up…I had a gynecologist exam. It was a scheduled exam and darnit, I was going to keep it, because why not? Why not add a half hour drive South for a fifteen minute appointment with legs spread eagled to be scraped and prodded by someone in a place on my body that is reserved just for J?

I mean, really.

Well, because Target’s on the way, of course.

I came out of there with cozy pants and sweatshirts for the kids (cozy=pants that are not jeans or without a similar waistband to jeans). After school, we were walking home and I said to the girls, “I have a surprise for you at home.” And they started to guess. “Is it candy?” No it’s nothing to eat. “Is it a toy? New Polly Pockets?” No, not a toy.

Red looks up at me as we get to the front door and smiles wide. “I KNOW! THE SURPRISE IS THAT YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!?!?!?!?”

She was just as happy to see new cozy clothes.

I also came out of Target with a humidifier for my bedroom. The girls have a great one for their room and mine is a Holmes as well, and it was only $40. This one, you actually see the moisture coming out of it into the air. No wonder I’ve been so sick. No wonder I’ve felt like my throat was being scraped by sandpaper and coughing left me dry and hurting.

The doctor suggested that I take some Benadryl when I go to bed at night. Now, coming from a Christian Science upbringing, where I had no idea how GREAT over the counter meds could be, I am still not a big fan of medication. I learned to suffer as a child (um, insert resentment here) and because it is engrained in me, I tend to suffer until I wake up and realize “I can actually do something about this.” That’s why it usually takes me an extra day or two to get to the doctor when I am sick. 

Anyway, I got me some Benadryl at Target. Along with zinc tablets and kleenex and chapstick (high maintenance cold). I’ve never taken it before, honestly. It cleared my head, suppressed my cough so I could sleep, and wow, did I sleep like a baby…after many nights of not sleeping due to phlegm, headache, coughing and congestion.

Dear Benadryl. I love you.

The girls were amazing through it all. They barely fought. They let me rest. I got snuggles and kleenex and pictures of me sick in bed. They didn’t make me try and sing them their songs at bedtime. They sang to me instead. We did tons of arts and crafts and watched movies and stayed cozy in the new cozy clothes. 

Blue’s favorite things, despite all the cool markers and pens and paints we own, are crayons. My favorite exchange with her this morning that got me in a fit of laughter and coughing, was when she held up a crayon and pointed to the wrapper and asked “What does this say right here, Mommy?”

“It says MADE IN CHINA” I said.

She smiled and said, “I’m glad you got these for us, they are special ones. Because they are made in China.”

It’s Sunday and I have officially been sick for seven days. Today is the first day that I can say I feel more on the upside. It’s taken it’s toll on me. I’ve eaten tons of food because it makes me feel better and I feel disgusting and bloated and sicky-nasty. I am happy to say my head is clear and despite being tired and achy, I just have an annoying cough that I hope is gone before I see J on Tuesday.

We have Tuesday together and Tuesday night. He flies out of town on Wednesday morning.


Oh, and I should add a postscript. Another benefit to the gyn exam is that I mentioned to the lady that I was on antibiotics. And man, is she a good doctor or what? She immediately wrote me a prescription for something I can’t pronounce that will assist me in the event I get a predicted nasty yeast infection that can be brought on by ten days of antibiotics!

Good thing I went to that appointment.


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