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I spent the weekend pretty much holed up in the house. First, it was ass cold outside (as opposed to the freaky 55 degrees TODAY). Second, I felt kind of “down”. No kids. No J. No warmth other than INSIDE the house.

I kept the tree lit. The candle lights on every window sill lit. The heat cranked up. I took a shower both mornings and did my hair and makeup, just so I would FEEL decent, without having to actually ACT decent. If that makes sense.

Oh wait, I did leave on Saturday to go see a movie with my mum. We saw “Four Christmases”. Hilarious. Good no brainer. I suggest it if you are looking for something upbeat and funny and where you don’t have to think for a whole hour and fifteen minutes. Which brings me to this: WHAT HAPPENED TO TWO HOUR MOVIES? Didn’t movies used to be two hours? What’s with this 73 minute running time shit nowadays?

So, I finished some paintings from our NYC trip. They are very different from my usual style. If you click on the artsy category, you can see some of my other style if you are new here. These are all watercolor and pen and ink.

The one with all the lamps is for J. We were standing there looking out over the Statue of Liberty and then went walking around and we came to that scene and he pointed and goes, “you should paint that!” And so, I did.  Very pretty. Contradicts the McDonald’s painting. How romantic that one is, huh?










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