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Duty calls


Well, I didn’t expect it to come up so fast, but I got called to Jury Duty.

The last time, I was near giving birth to Blue, so I postponed it. When she was one, I got called again and went. I spent a morning reading my book and eating pretzels and trying not to breathe in a very stifling hot room in a country town an hour from my house…otherwise known as “The Boondocks”.

We never even got called up to go before the judge. Just got sent home around 2.

I hope that happens again.

This happens at the very end of February. 

What’s funny is that I was recently talking to D’s brother, who apparently had a warrant out for his arrest, because he never responded to jury duty.

For years.

Turns out, they were sending it to an old address from ten years prior. Someone made a big mistake in the computer on that one and in the end it was all straightened out.

And then quite soon after, he went to jury duty.

Gratefully, my jury duty is not too far from my house. I am concerned about going because I am the primary parent of my two kids with their father living in Boston, which is almost an hour away. He can’t care for them during the week, nor can I afford to hire a babysitter. Nor can I indefinitely call on friends to pick them up after school every day, or take them to school since I have to report at the same time their school starts.

My mom has generously set aside that day and the few days after, just in case, to take my kids to school for me and pick them up and carry on with them the things that need doing in parenting.

Anyway, I am amazed that so many people can do it, or can even sit on a trial for months at a time, with so many other responsibilities. I also understand that our government calls for it and requires it and it is valuable to the community and the legal process.

But still, I hope there’s a big snowstorm. Or that nothing’s going on that day and I get sent home. That’s so diplomatic of me, eh?

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