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There are so many highlights, I really don’t know where to begin. I think it is safe to say that although the Caribbean is blissful in itself, the fact that I was pulled into J’s life there immediately was what made it even more so.

From swimming daily, basking topless on a semi-remote beach, to eating in French bakeries, downing Caribbean salads for lunch and drinking double Jack’s at the end of the bar near the piano at the club while he played every night, it was easy to slip into a routine together.

A week, this week, was the most time we have ever spent together at one time.

When I arrived, J was standing at the airport waiting for me. I found out later, although he had checked my flight, he waited for an hour there. In his jeep, there was a euphoric state, almost unreal that I was sitting in the warm tropics with him, after a month of not being together. He drove me to where he said his boss’ office was because he needed to pick something up…I followed him down a strange corridor of this place, I had no idea where we were, but he opened the door and said, “oh, he’s not here.” I looked in and it was a huge hotel room, with a kitchen, a patio overlooking the ocean. He looked at me and said, “We’re not staying in my dump, I got us this for the week for $400 bucks!!!!”

At first I was upset he spent the extra hard earned money (which is the point of him being away, to make a killing and save it) but  he was so excited about it,  it was a block from the club where he worked at night, we overlooked the water, strolled to the beach and pools and restaurants.

In the end, when I saw the place where he usually stayed, although I would have been fine there (imagine camping in a very thin walled room connected to two other residents with a hotplate, coffee pot and roosters crowing 24 hours a day right outside the window) it was the perfect thing. Overall, he needed a break from his normal living situation and we needed the privacy. He had stocked the fridge with fruit and snacks and Perrier. A bottle of wine waited for us for his night off and flowers sat on the table and a candle burned.

We were together at the club from 8-1 every night, and most nights just went right back and went to sleep.  There were naps and jeep rides across and around the island, middle of the night chicken wings at a 24 hour restaurant/bar finished off with the dunking of Oreos in some sort of French chocolate pudding back at the room before bed.

There is so much to write about and slowly will post more great things. I will end with saying that yes, I sunbathed topless daily. My boobs didn’t burn. There was no bad food and no bad cups of coffee. We ate out plenty but saved money by cooking in the room since there was a full kitchen. Most of the time, we did alot of naked eating in bed or on the veranda. In fact, this may be too much info, but since I put it all out there anyway, we were probably naked about 85 percent of the time. 

In the Caribbean, I have confirmed that there are no bad hair days and it’s appropriate to not wear a bra, which of course, I loved and practiced daily.

I’d say that the one downside was when J and I went to the market and gleefully and domestically shopped for our week of groceries. As I was studying the meat section, I came across this, right next to the chicken feet, cow tongue and something else’s brain.

pigI shrunk back and yes, I “squealed” like a pig. J grabbed my camera and took some pictures because there was no way I was going to NOT post this on my blog. (sorry, hopefully you aren’t about to have lunch). I could have dealt with a pig’s head or a butt or something, but this was a whole pig, sliced in half the long way.  Only in foreign lands….eh?

I will see him again in six weeks.


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