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I love Skype and other things


1) My breasts itch. I know. I got a little too much sun on that last day. I achieved “no tan lines” but have possibly gained a skin peel. It hasn’t peeled yet, so we’ll see. (I mean, “I’ll see”, not “we’ll see” as in “YOU will not see”)

2) Today we woke up to gorgeous snow on the ground. It lasted about thirty minutes and then the ice started to fall. School was delayed for an hour, which meant we could watch some “Saved by the Bell”. Because at 7:30 am on a school day, it’s either Sesame Street or Saved By The Bell. I have officially introduced my girls to Screech. Fortunately, they didn’t “get” it or really care and it was finally ’round time to put on boots and hats and I reminded myself to put in a dvd the next time we’re in a bind.

3) Did I mention we had ice falling from the sky? I was secretly hoping for a snow day. After ten days of not seeing the girls, and then they go back to their dad this coming weekend, I feel like I’m missing alot of snuggle time and smelling their sweet breath. Speaking of smelling things, Red informed me this morning that her new fleece lined Crocs smell. “What do they smell like?” I asked her. “Dirty filthy socks” she replied.  They are a week old and I know that they pretty much have only worn them over vacation at their dad’s. I silently wonder if he ever does the laundry.

4)  Red and Blue will not be having their usually scheduled Wednesday evening dinner out with their dad, because his 4 Wheel Chevy Tahoe can’t drive itself north in what has become mere rain. I am openly glad about that because now we can eat grilled cheese and open that new can of Pringles and watch the second Pippi Longstocking dvd (out of 4) that Santa left in their stockings. You know, the ones from the late 60’s and early 70’s….they are Swedish and the mouths of the characters don’t match what comes out because English is dubbed in.

I totally love it. The girls totally love it. I am reliving my childhood daily with Red and Blue.

5) My friend, Katie, reads my blog. She sent me a link this morning that proves I’m not that crazy.  And I think that this article comes from a credible source, right? I mean, who can argue with MSNBC? See, I’m normal.

6) I am so frickin’ organized, I just prepared my tax spreadsheets for my accountant. All I am waiting for is all those forms and things that come from the banks and a few “employers” of contract work. I-am-psyched. Yet, I hate that all the extra expenses this year with car fixings, new water heater and my laptop, didn’t allow me to save. But it didn’t make me go under either.

7) Skype has kept J’s communication with me (and mine with him) very close  and easier while he’s been away.

When I was on the island with him, I was grateful to have convinced the girls’ dad to get connected via Skype. 

It was free. It was easy. 

The girls could see me.

And I could see them.



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