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After my morning chat with J on Skype, THE INTERNET WENT OUT.


What’s a girl to do?

I was about to do some online bill paying.

I was in the middle of sending a sketch to a client for some work I am doing and the damn internet went out.

I tried calling her because the email wasn’t going to go through right then. 


So I touched base with her via cell phone.

And then I thought, well, damn, I’ll just see if there’s anything good on daytime T.V.


Our provider, (I have a bundled package, obviously) I am sure, had some upset customers. The outage was widespread in about 5 towns.

For 6 hours.

Anyway, with nothing to do (and no, I wasn’t really going to sit and watch TV), I opened up the big huge trunk of photos and started a project that is tedious, but must be done. Millions of photos. Half of them are organized. Other half isn’t. I went through a mess of photos and sorted them by “child”. Red got a box. Blue got a box. The photos of the two of them together, gets it’s own box.

What to do with their dad?

Well, it was easy, if he was in a picture with them, I saved it and put it in their boxes.

If I was in the picture with him, well, I have the wedding album that I will save for the girls. So I dumped the other “me and him” photos.

If it was “me and him and the girls” photos, I saved them in another envelope and hid it underneath everything for when they are adults. 

Or for when I am dead.

It was a hard decision, because really, for me, I wanted to toss him in the trash. But I know he doesn’t belong there because he’s their dad. He’s a good dad. He was a sucky husband. And he is a fairly sucky ex-husband, but I know that in relation to most divorced folks, I have it pretty good.

Keeping the photos for the girls is important. I put them somewhere where they won’t be dug up any time soon by one of them, but one day they will have them.

I DID, eliminate photos of ex boyfriends. I always kept one of each of the guys who hurt me physically. I did it in case one of them ever came back and hurt me again or killed me for that matter. But now, I decided to pitch them. They are gone forever.

The next task is to finish looking for them all on Facebook and blocking them. 

I’m tired now from just thinking about the bill paying and other things I can do here on the laptop, even if it isn’t related to internet access, now that I have it.

I got online, thinking I missed a bunch of news in the world and I went to Google News. 

I discovered that the porn industry is looking for a bailout.


I clicked on a link from an email a friend sent me and GOT TO THIS

After I dehydrated myself so much from bawling, I decided to go eat a barrel of hummus with Ritz Crackers, some gummy fruit snacks and fizzy water. I topped it off with Halloween Candy I stole from my kids’ treat bags. I didn’t have the heart to steal their Christmas candy because it’s so new and all. But those Smarties really keep well. Then I cleaned out last year’s Valentine’s Day, Easter, and the Halloween candy. (I didn’t eat it, I threw it all away, except the Smarties. THOSE I ate.)

So I am going to do something old fashioned and fill up the bath (get in it) and read a book. 

And then I will go to bed before midnight for once.

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