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If you click on the “my favorite things” category,

you will come across others I have posted.

I should also title these “things that make me really really happy”.

p1030236A trip to the art store to buy paper and canvas. 



the sewing machine I have had since I was 13.

I love it because I can make things with it



the beginnings of the quilt top for J’s birthday in March.

I finished it over the weekend during the snowstorm but didn’t take a picture of it.

It’s much larger than this.



Need I say more?


my small cake stand.

I use it for cookies and brownies because I usually make BIG cakes.

(who makes small cakes?)



I bought this from Holli Bobolli before the holidays. I also bought a set for a gift.

This was a gift to myself and it sits on my window sill and I put my rings in it when I make bread.

I love seeing it every day.

Sometimes I even use it!


Bolthouse Farms drinks.

For $2.50 a piece, it had better be a favorite thing!

(just my luck, I got two for $4.00 the other day!…I know, still wicked expensive)


Panera’s House Latte.

It has some sweet spice in it that’s to die for.

It only comes in one size. I wish it came in extra extra large.


Hand painted dollhouse.

It was mine when I was 4. And it is filled with all non-plastic furniture and porcelain dolls.

My kids play with it all the time.



It’s hard to see in the picture but I love my frothing wand.

Hot milk on the stove. Froth it. Pour in coffee.

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