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What I did on Inauguration Day


Back during the election, J was up north at his mom’s house and I was here at home and we signed into ichat on our Macs and watched Obama be elected our 44th president. We were “together” in a way for that and it was really cool to share the moment. Around midnight that night, J and I listened to his acceptance speech to an emotional crowd. We cheered too. 

Today, from the island, he Skyped me (that has become a verb in our world) right as Aretha Franklin was rocking my world with “America” (My Country Tis of Thee). Together, we spent two and a half hours with our televisions on, riveted to the moments in history that showed the end of a very difficult time and the beginning of an era with alot of hope…we don’t know what will happen in the next four years (or eight?). But change is good. No matter what. Especially now, when there is nowhere else to go.

When George and Laura Bush get into the helicopter to fly off, J looked at me. I looked at him. And I waved to the tv and went, “Buh Bye.”  

We watched our new President and Vice President and their wives standing on the steps there, watching the former president fly away. I felt energy and strength in that moment (GREAT camera work to the camera man and the helicopter wind definitely added the dramatic emotional feel to the moment…skirts flying…).  

I am sure that strength is partly due to the fact that they have yet to try and conquer the world.  They have not yet been beaten down by world issues, difficult decisions and things that happen out of their control…and bad press. 

But as many do, I have confidence and hope for all good things. I hope for a love of our country, countrymen (women and children too), and for our President.

By the way, this is totally random, but have you ever noticed how quickly our presidents age? I guarantee that by the time Obama is 4 years into this, he’ll be gray and that complexion won’t be quite so smooth. I also wonder if he’ll be the type of Prez who might possibly, gulp, use hair dye? If so, then, well, we’ll never know about the gray hair.

Red came home from school today and asked me what I did all day, as she usually does. Just recently she started emailing J and he’s emailing her back. It’s mostly alot of math problems (he quizzes them over dinner and they think it’s FUN). She wanted to write him today and tell him she watched the “Inaug…a…what?” in school (she has a hard time pronouncing it) and that she wrote a letter to Obama and her teacher told them they needed to be really neat so the President can read it.  Unfortunately, she spends about thirty minutes typing just two lines, so her email merely said, “I love our new President. How about you?”

Anyway, in response to her question about what I did all day, I actually had to make some things up, like folded laundry, cleaned up the house, ran a few errands. It would have been hard to explain that I spent most of the day sitting on my ass in front of the television, watching MSNBC coverage, browsing CNN.com, eating cheese toast and drinking a pot of coffee. I couldn’t tell her that I was logged into Skype with J for nearly three hours, watching the festivities and making eyes at each other.

And I certainly couldn’t tell her that before we signed off our laptops, before J stuck his lips up to the camera on his laptop to make “kissing-horse-lips” , and before we said “miss you, love you ,want you” (War of the Roses in case you’re wondering) I pulled up my shirt and flashed him.  

I know, not completely appropriate considering this was a seriously fabulous momentous day.

But I will always remember that I spent it with J, virtually via Skype. Skype, our very best friend.

I’ll remember that my kids were old enough to talk to about our new President and that they shared their own excitement with an enormous population in this country, who feels the same.

And I will always remember his laugh when I showed him my boobs on Inauguration Day.

Note: I am not sure who the photographer is, someone sent me an email back at election time of a ton of great photos of Obama on his campaign and this was one of them.

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