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Alternative to Kleenex

Generally, I have little Kleenex boxes everywhere in the winter. In my handbag, in the car, the glove box, the console, the girls’ bags. But this morning we were driving and Blue sneezed and really needed a Kleenex, which I didn’t have, anywhere in the car.

I didn’t even have coffee shop napkins, which is rare.

So, I root around in the console of the car hoping I’d come up with an alternative and I find these:


And nonchalantly, pull one out, in a little square, that LOOKS like a Kleenex. It’s somewhat soft, more like tissue paper than a Kleenex tissue. 

So, I hand it back to her and say casually, “here, use this and then ball it up and hand it back to me.”

“It’s just a different kind…” I explain, praying she wouldn’t open it up all the way.

I discreetly watch her in the rear view mirror.

Her face as she studied it was priceless and I started to laugh silently, moving my face away  from the mirror so she couldn’t see me.

The next time I looked, she was slowly opening it up, a puzzled look on her face.

Even more puzzled, when she held it up and looked through the hole at me.

disposable_toilet_seat_coverBut gosh darnit, she put it up to her nose and blew into it, crumpled it into a ball, and handed it back.

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