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I bent over to empty the trash and Blue yelled out “I SEE YOUR BUTT CRACK!”

It’s times like these I wish I had another adult around to witness the things that are said in my house.

J flew to another island last night and landed, was picked up by the manager of this new club and they went right out for dinner to watch Superbowl.  He Skyped me from the restaurant, with Sebastian sitting next to him, to let me know he’d made it, introduce me to his new boss and friend. He was so excited. I was excited for him. He needed a break from the two months at that last club, which was fine but somewhat archaic living situation for him. 

This morning, in his new apartment, he figured out the internet connection and Skyped me and it was the best connection we’ve had since he was in the good old US OF A, back in November. It appears that this island is alot more civilized than the last, which is hilarious since the last island was so resort-filled and more people that I know travel there than this current one.  

Anyway, he was SO excited about his living quarters this time around. A full kitchen and a market across the street. He had everything he needed except two things:

Something I didn’t mention before was that J likes to “take a steam”. Which means, filling up the bath hot hot hot and getting in and steaming up the bathroom to help with relaxation as well as his vocal chords. We did it here at my house. We did it at his place up north. The last island had no bathtubs but he figured out how to plug up the shower stall and get the 8 inches filled and the bathroom steamed for a real steam bath/shower. It was great.

Anyway, in his new place, it appears the water in the shower runs through a small box on the wall and out through a funny hose-spout thing. That small box on the wall is what “warms” the water before it comes out, apparently. Good thing he’s in the tropics. But, no steam bath for him.

Of course, he made mention of a McGuyver attempt at fixing it, so we’ll see.  

I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up boiling water on the stove.

The second drawback was that he was sitting there talking to me at eleven in the morning and found he was not equipped with a coffee pot. I kept telling him to search the cupboards. Search them high and low. There must be something. If the place had a crock pot, it had to have a coffee maker of some sort.

Short of him to go off and buy a coffee pot, and short of my Googling an old fashioned way of making coffee in a pot on the stove (cowboy coffee), he found something. 

It was a good old percolator, which is one of the best ways to make coffee, EVER.

I had the privilege (thank you to Skype) of teaching him how to use it, since he had never seen one before.

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