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Rock Paper Scissors

We’ve been playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” our whole lives it seems. I was reminded of it when J started it with the girls last summer. Recently, I came across this shirt at www.Snorgtees.com, with a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” drawing on it  and although he rarely wears tshirts, had to buy it for him. Underneath the drawing, it says, “Choose Wisely”.


It got me wondering, how on earth it started, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, wondered it’s origin.

I looked it up on the internet and apparently, it’s been around FOREVER.

Because I believe that Wikipedia is accurate compared to random-Google-searches and finding online forums with funny theories, I like this write-up best.

All I can think is, “these people had alot of time on their hands to think something up like this.” Even funnier, THERE ARE TOURNAMENTS!

The game is basically one of choices and risk, sometimes in a pattern, sometimes not. You never know.

What I know best is that it keeps the kids entertained.

This reminds me that there is no strategy in life. There is only choices that we make, sometimes we take our time, sometimes it has to be immediate. We use emotions and intellect. We use reason and we take risks. The beauty is when we can go with what we feel and feel safe in doing so.

Four years ago, I chose to leave my marriage. Three years ago I signed the papers.

Now, my children are in school every day, they are no longer babies. They can read. They take dance class. They think that talking about boobies and butts and farting is funny. They also tell me exactly what’s on their minds, without hesitation. I am close with my children. It is a real love.

I have real love.

My piano man is thinking of how when he returns for good on June 1st, that he wants to move his piano, to be here with us, where we’ll be together.  

I’ve known that since before he left, because he told me.

But I didn’t realize that as soon as we find a music studio space for him, his piano is coming too.

It must mean something when a piano man plans to move his piano across state lines.

Like the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, there is no real strategy, but more a rhythm and pattern that flows…there is always a result, but who knows what that is until it happens?


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