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Flown In


I’ve just flown in from the most amazing island ever. (random pic of people I don’t know, on one of the beaches we hung out on this week)

I’ve been to islands all over the place, including Hawaii, but this one, rocked my world.

J rocks my world.

I’m in a euphoria, a very tired one, after staying up with J at the club last night until 2 and then sleeping for a few hours before leaving for the airport at 6 for my 8am flight. Needless to say it’s been a very long day, but I got home 12 1/2 hours later and ran right out to the market for $116 worth of groceries since the cupboards were bare and the girls come home tomorrow.

I am not sure what possessed me to buy and make and eat hotdogs for dinner for myself, but it might have been the lack of caffeine all day (to enable me to sleep on the plane a little, despite my 5 hour layover (there was a delay) and it might have been because I haven’t had a real meal since last night with J, on the waterfront, having dinner as tugboats and barges and ships came in. And today, pretzels and Peanut M&Ms and Cliff bars just don’t cut it as a meal.

Gosh darnit, it made me crave hotdogs for some reason.

I’ve since unpacked and have laundry running through but am now going to sleep.

J will be home for a few weeks, in 8 days.

I have plenty more to share, some good news, some funny stuff of course.

But for now, I gotta lay this head down and sleep.

I promise, lots more soon.

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