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March 1st


J flies home tomorrow for two weeks.

We’re expecting some wintry mix and the girls and I plan to drive to Boston in the Subaru to pick him up in baggage claim. I don’t know the last time I’ve actually driven to the airport, parked and gone inside to wait for someone. But this will be fun. If we make it that is.

If the weather is so-so or he is delayed, we’ll get him from a local shuttle place that brings him half way home for pennies. And we’ll meet him there.

If the weather is really bad, he’ll be hailing a $75 cab and come straight here.

Regardless, he’s coming home to three girls who love and adore him. And family up north who are just as excited.

I remember the day he left at the end of November, when he called and told me he felt loved by us.

It’s still true. And I know he still feels it.

I’ll not be thinking about his next departure come March 14th.

I’ll be living in the moment, if I have never before been able to do it, I will be doing it now.

My house is cleaned and tomorrow morning I am stocking up on food for cooking this week. 

His birthday is this week too.

There will be lobster and sour cream fudge cake and nakedness (while the girls are in school). 

Two weeks of immersion. Me. J. The girls.

A good kind of sigh.


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