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Rock Paper Scissors

We’ve been playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” our whole lives it seems. I was reminded of it when J started it with the girls last summer. Recently, I came across this shirt at www.Snorgtees.com, with a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” drawing on it  and although he rarely wears tshirts, had to buy it for him. Underneath the drawing, it says, “Choose Wisely”.


It got me wondering, how on earth it started, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, wondered it’s origin.

I looked it up on the internet and apparently, it’s been around FOREVER.

Because I believe that Wikipedia is accurate compared to random-Google-searches and finding online forums with funny theories, I like this write-up best.

All I can think is, “these people had alot of time on their hands to think something up like this.” Even funnier, THERE ARE TOURNAMENTS!

The game is basically one of choices and risk, sometimes in a pattern, sometimes not. You never know.

What I know best is that it keeps the kids entertained.

This reminds me that there is no strategy in life. There is only choices that we make, sometimes we take our time, sometimes it has to be immediate. We use emotions and intellect. We use reason and we take risks. The beauty is when we can go with what we feel and feel safe in doing so.

Four years ago, I chose to leave my marriage. Three years ago I signed the papers.

Now, my children are in school every day, they are no longer babies. They can read. They take dance class. They think that talking about boobies and butts and farting is funny. They also tell me exactly what’s on their minds, without hesitation. I am close with my children. It is a real love.

I have real love.

My piano man is thinking of how when he returns for good on June 1st, that he wants to move his piano, to be here with us, where we’ll be together.  

I’ve known that since before he left, because he told me.

But I didn’t realize that as soon as we find a music studio space for him, his piano is coming too.

It must mean something when a piano man plans to move his piano across state lines.

Like the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, there is no real strategy, but more a rhythm and pattern that flows…there is always a result, but who knows what that is until it happens?


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Shocking the kids

AX075227(yeah, wish that was me)

The girls were in the bath and I was cleaning out the refrigerator (I know, random, but the bathroom is right off the kitchen) and they called to me and said, “Hey Mommy, you know what Daddy told us?”

“What?” I called back.

“In GREECE, on the beaches, ladies walk around with just bathing suit bottoms and NO TOPS ON!!! They walk around with their big huge boobies hanging out!”

I laughed, and said, “Oh yeah? You know those islands where J is playing the piano right now?”

There’s a pause and then in unison, “Yeah.”

I go, “Well, on those islands, ladies don’t wear their tops on the beach there either and when Mommy was visiting J after Christmas, she was hanging out on the beach without her top. Even swimming without her top!”

I was snickering to myself because we were talking through the doorways, not face to face, and their silence said it all.

“Moooooooooooooomm-eeeeeeeeeee!” the shrieked.

Later, I was taking a shower and they came in and pushed aside the shower curtain and looked at my boobs. “Mommy, did you REALLY take your top off at the beach on that island?”

I nodded. “Yep! And I’ll be doing it again!”

Note: It’s time to think about waxing again. I leave in a week.

Post note: I’m sure this is going to get back to their dad, and I am glad…conservative-stuffy-stick-in-the-mud.

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Just what I need


I finally paired down my magazine subscriptions.

I am bummed because “Cottage Living” stopped publishing but they replaced it with “Coastal Living”.

“Real Simple” is still my favorite.

I cancelled “Martha Stewart” because I can’t ever duplicate anything she does in there, so it gets depressing.

“Bazaar”, a free subscription my mom gave me via her credit card company, is equally unrealistic. I throw on some Aveda makeup, brush my hair if I’m lucky and wear jeans almost every day of my life. The things in there, I can’t always describe…I can’t ever fathom wearing…much less buy anything for less that 5k.

Oprah’s “O Magazine”, I let the subscription run out because I also record her show on the DVR. And honestly, what I see on her show is in her magazine, so it’s already old news by the time I read it.

But something was recently released.


Yes, people, Jamie Oliver has his own magazine. I think I just gasped for air.


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Sick in the house


I was just saying recently how my kids haven’t been sick this year other than mild colds. 

Blue said her neck hurt right before we walked up to school today, an hour late due to the snow delay in the public school system. I suggested she stay home and her eyes got wide and she shook her head and said, “Noooooo, I am going to school, I don’t want to miss anything!!!!!”

A child who doesn’t want to miss anything at school.

The snow delay changed my day, and a client meeting a few towns away. So we rescheduled for tomorrow.

I came home from dropping them off at the school and went about my day, got some work done, ran some errands, bought my birth control at the pharmacy. My insurance recently changed and I balked at the upped copay for my birth control. Instead of $25 is it now $30. I grumbled about it to the pharmacist and she smiled and said, “Well, it’s alot cheaper than having a baby!”

So true. It’s all about perspective, eh?

I got a call, right as I was sitting down with tea and a pile of work, from the nurse’s office at the school.  I answered, saying, “Which one?”

Blue apparently turned white as a sheet and they took her to the nurse’s office where she promptly threw up in their toilet.

I rushed up the street in the car and the nurse looked at me and said, “How’d you get here so fast?”

How’d I get there so fast? Well, you get a call and imagine your little one sick without you there (living down the street helps too) and you drop it all and run. And you run fast.

Sure enough, she was lying down on the cot with all her snow gear and boots and hat and her backpack, waiting for me.

I arranged for Red to be walked home by our neighbors and watched for them out the window a few hours later. When she came home, she played nurse for Blue, brought her animals and blankets and wrapped them around her on the couch while she moaned and groaned while I made Red her dinner. 

I thanked her for her help and for listening when I asked her to take a bath and doing her homework without hesitation. She didn’t even fight “extra credit” work as she usually does.

I thanked her and talked to her about it, positively, and she quietly said, “When they called down to my classroom to tell me I was to walk home with Emma and her dad because Blue came home sick, I knew I was going to come home and help you take care of her.”

It was touching and I squeezed her even harder and kissed and praised her intentions and actions.

And she looked up at me and shrugged and goes, “Well, I want her to get better, she’s no fun like this.”

It appears we’re at the tail end of whatever this was. If we get through a night of uninterrupted sleep, that means this was s short and easy one that lacked multiple washings of sheets and cleaning out big bowls from throw up (we haven’t had any here at home since she came home from school). And let’s hope her sister and I have avoided it. 

So as I look out the window, I think  about how blessed I am that my children are as healthy as they are, despite today. I am filled with gratitude that I have a breather going to see J down in the tropics, once again. I am healthy. My life is balanced. I love where we live. I love my work, even if it is slow and frustrating right now. 

Despite all that, I still wish the fucking snow would melt and we could get on to Spring, already.

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Forgetful Toothfairy


Red is 8 and has only lost 4 teeth so far. There are a few loose now and just the other day, the dentist pulled one that was just hanging in front of her already-growing-in-front-tooth. It looked like something from a horror movie and I called the dentist the day before and explained and begged them to do something about it.

Thankfully, the dentist easily pulled it free and the toothfairy is walking around the house right now with wadded up bills in her hand, to be sure she doesn’t forget to exchange it for the tooth tonight.

The last time Red lost a tooth was last Spring when Jack was chasing her around the playground and she hit it square on the jungle gym and it knocked it clean out. Thankfully it was already loose.

That night, the thing I dread, happened.

The toothfairy went to bed and woke up at 5am, remembering the little tooth in the toothfairy pillow beside Red’s bed.

The toothfairy crept down to her wallet to get some money only to realize she was clean out of cash, as usual.

What to do?

Short of going out to the car and looking for meter money change in the console, the toothfairy crept into Red’s room and found her child-sized dolphin wallet and snuck two bucks out of it, wadded it up and replaced the tooth with the money. (with Red’s own money).

Later, that day, the toothfairy took a trip to the atm and replaced the stolen borrowed money.

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I bent over to empty the trash and Blue yelled out “I SEE YOUR BUTT CRACK!”

It’s times like these I wish I had another adult around to witness the things that are said in my house.

J flew to another island last night and landed, was picked up by the manager of this new club and they went right out for dinner to watch Superbowl.  He Skyped me from the restaurant, with Sebastian sitting next to him, to let me know he’d made it, introduce me to his new boss and friend. He was so excited. I was excited for him. He needed a break from the two months at that last club, which was fine but somewhat archaic living situation for him. 

This morning, in his new apartment, he figured out the internet connection and Skyped me and it was the best connection we’ve had since he was in the good old US OF A, back in November. It appears that this island is alot more civilized than the last, which is hilarious since the last island was so resort-filled and more people that I know travel there than this current one.  

Anyway, he was SO excited about his living quarters this time around. A full kitchen and a market across the street. He had everything he needed except two things:

Something I didn’t mention before was that J likes to “take a steam”. Which means, filling up the bath hot hot hot and getting in and steaming up the bathroom to help with relaxation as well as his vocal chords. We did it here at my house. We did it at his place up north. The last island had no bathtubs but he figured out how to plug up the shower stall and get the 8 inches filled and the bathroom steamed for a real steam bath/shower. It was great.

Anyway, in his new place, it appears the water in the shower runs through a small box on the wall and out through a funny hose-spout thing. That small box on the wall is what “warms” the water before it comes out, apparently. Good thing he’s in the tropics. But, no steam bath for him.

Of course, he made mention of a McGuyver attempt at fixing it, so we’ll see.  

I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up boiling water on the stove.

The second drawback was that he was sitting there talking to me at eleven in the morning and found he was not equipped with a coffee pot. I kept telling him to search the cupboards. Search them high and low. There must be something. If the place had a crock pot, it had to have a coffee maker of some sort.

Short of him to go off and buy a coffee pot, and short of my Googling an old fashioned way of making coffee in a pot on the stove (cowboy coffee), he found something. 

It was a good old percolator, which is one of the best ways to make coffee, EVER.

I had the privilege (thank you to Skype) of teaching him how to use it, since he had never seen one before.

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