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Just ’cause I am lazy (and flat out with writing copy for a client’s website) today, I thought I would post some random photos.

p1030745Red and I taking photo of ourselves in the bathroom mirror one evening.

p1030779A few minutes later, my mom delivered a bag of home made cookies

p1030800Red made me three sandwiches one morning recently and labeled them. PB&J, PB & Fluff and plain jelly. I ate one of them and put the rest down the garbage disposal. But my secret is that I told her I ate them all.

p1030804A few weeks ago I sewed 20 bags for a friend who has a bag company. This is high end textile remnants that we made into shopping bags, you know, so you don’t use plastic. The money I made doing these, paid for my new iphone.

img_5815Me singing “Angel”. J is on the right. An amazing guitar player is on the left. 

lucky-ducksA painting I did this winter from a series of photos I took at a fair in the Fall.

p1020401An espresso cup full of hot cocoa and marshmallows

p1020911Bread baking in the oven

appletreeA random painting I did a gazillion years ago. An apple leaning against a tree.


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