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You just MacGuyvered that one


We have a saying “I’ll McGuyver that for you” or “I just McGuyvered this” and my favorite, “Honey, do you think you could McGuyver this for me?”

Down to the littlest things now, be it sealing up a slider in the Carribbean so the mosquitos don’t come in, to protect from the (FEVER NAME) and to J’s promise before leaving the other day to figure out a hanging system for our bikes in the condo storage closet so we can have more space for the beach gear. (seriously, how domestic does this sound?)

Even moreso, J’s suit was sitting here waiting to be mended and dropped at the dry cleaner’s so he can take it to Europe in a few weeks for his 6 week gig. The buttons needed strengthening. The cuffs needed re-hemming. When I got to the cuffs, I smiled to myself, I looked inside the pant leg and saw where he’d “McGuyver-ed” the falling hem with masking tape. Well, I McGuyvere-ed it right back, with thread.

In being a mom, and being a single mom, I find myself faced with things the kids need or want, things they ask for that often times either make me feel weak, baffled, or completely stupid.

Take homework for instance. Did McGuyver do homework? Sometimes, I need McGuyver (or Google) to help me understand my 8 year old’s math homework! Especially when they don’t come with instructions.

I “McGuyvered” Red’s blue jeans yesterday when she was freaking out about her belt not doing the trick…she kept bending over and pointing to her crack, saying “SEEE!!!! THIS DOESN’T WORK!!!!” Some sewing here and there and I’d fixed it so her crack didn’t show when she bent over. (as a side note, at home there are times I don’t wear a belt and will sit down and the kids are mutually entertained and mortified when they see my crack, but you know, that happens…)

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