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Scraps of paper, scraps of life

I find scraps of paper that Red writes and leaves lying around the house and started keeping them. Some in particular are favorites. As well as things that come out of their mouths, randomly. I love how their minds work. You know? So here are some things:

Journal of Red January 21, 2009
“Once there was a mom and dad they wer enot one yet, but hey were about to become one. They coud not find a name for their baby. Then one midnight, her water broke.”


From a piece of paper Red left on my desk for some reason:

Dear Journal, school is still going great! But remember Joshua or Josh? Well, today he through a pencil at my eye! But thank goodness it did not hit me in the eye! I was so mad!


The other night, Blue came down the stairs, she was supposed to be ASLEEP and asked “How come I can’t wiggle JUST my pinky toe?”


On Monday morning, after three days of being away from my children, I walk in their dad’s front hallway to pick them up. Usually, they come running and hug and jump and talk my ear off. But they were both a little lethargic, tired and slow as they sidled up to me. I crouched down and Red kind of leaned into me. Blue walked right up so her face was level with mine and we were looking into each other’s eyes. I thought she was about to say something profound, but instead, she stuck her finger up her left nostril and exclaimed, “Mommy, this side of my nose is ALL PLUGGED UP.”


I found a note paper with this scrawled on it from about a year ago. I know it was a year ago because that is when our friends moved, per the note:

“Dear Notebook, I so this boy at Matthew and Connor’s haws he was cute andmatthew and coner are living tomorrow and I will miss them. Daddy is cuming and the day after tomorrow we are going to florida from Red.”



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