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A rather twisted “twist” on my usual “my favorite things” posts. 

1. Dear J. You’re wrong by the way. My living room couch is NOT a comfortable sleeping couch. Sleeping on top of you, on the couch, now that’s comfortable. You just happen to have the luxury of being able to sleep virtually anywhere. Lucky dog. Still, I can’t believe you slept down here all those nights when the girls were in the house, before you moved up to my bed!!!! Sheesh. I am SO sorry. (pet peeve: sleeping on the couch when there are house guests in my bedroom.

2. Jeans with a too low crotch. I hate that. SO uncomfortable. I love the new Levi’s I just bought online. Lowrise boot cut, normal crotch.

3. Folks who lack humility.

4. Tofu. Unless it is firm tofu, cooked by professionals who have soaked in in good spicy sauce AND made it crispy, tofu is not a favorite thing. Dear Dad. Thanks for making dinner tonight. Even though I made gagging noises when you suggested tofu, you still went to the market, bought it and made it for me for dinner. Thanks.

5. When the DVR cuts short the song of the century on American Idol. Fortunately, I was able to log on to the internet and find Adam Lambert’s performance of “Mad World”. He should win, just because of that. I-Love-Him. But I love J more.

6. Allergies. I don’t know whether I have a cold or am allergic to something blowing around outside.

7.  When people confuse “there” and “their”. I want to correct them but don’t want to be a snob. But I do business with someone who uses “their” all the time, improperly. “I will be their at 9”.

8. The life span of tulips. In a pot in my house I have tulips. They were closed up when I bought them. Then they opened. 5 days later, they are done. Bummer.

9.  Watery warm coffee. Coffee must be strong and hot. With hot frothed milk.

10. Killing plants and flowers. I generally buy something small and potted (or cut flowers)  and keep it the house and water it like it tells me to and then when it dies, it dies. I can  never revive anything. In terms of  real genuine house plants, it is J forte, so when he comes home, we’ll pick something and I’m going to hand it over to him. Because you know, otherwise, it will become very very very dead and useless.


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