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Being Online

Being online is an activity for me serving many purposes.

I go online to communicate. I am always logged into Skype as you know, for one reason you know. I even have it on my iphone.

I go online to share photos. Especially priceless ones like this

easterand this


I go online to shop. 

I go online to sell my artwork.

I go online to send drafts of copy and design drafts to clients.

I went online to see how to plant peas and grow them and replant them eventually with the kids in my mother’s garden. Apparently, it works because I now have three inch tall pea plants. 

I went online to sign the kids up for tennis camp. And um, research GOLF camp. For summer. My children want to go to golf camp.

I hate golf. Hate it. What we will do for our kids.

I go online for design ideas. And recipes. And to check flights. 

I, um, go online to watch Lifetime Movies.

Yes, what has gotten into me? I watched all of these. I did. That’s worse than vowing to watch the entire series of Will and Grace while J is gone. I have five more weeks to finish three seasons. So I doubt I will get to that.

Considering I have taken a break, and am going to watch Slumdog Millionaire tomorrow from Netflix, after I finish the last Nora Robert’s movie tonight in bed.

Seriously. I am.

They.Are.Bad. But I am watching them online.

I feel at ease as my dad flew home today. I was able to clean a little and get laundry done and was able to breathe a bit too.  I feel guilty about that too, for feeling that way about having him being here for a week.

I’m not really sure where I am going with this post, except to say that sometimes I just have to shut the damn thing off.

But if I do, I always think of something, like “I gotta pay that bill”, or “I wonder exactly what area a Brazilian Wax actually covers?”


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