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I landed on an island this morning off a ferry to see my dear dear friend, who moved here  last year. (I am writing this from her guest room). I literally packed a backpack and my handbag, laptop included, and left home at 8am to drive south to the ferry.  

The ferry had free internet and I found myself by the window with my laptop updating my work website and catching up on emails. (see above picture, that was me, overtired because I was also up late last night at a CD release party for a friends’ band)

I loved how transient and carefree I felt and feel this week. I remember the feeling from traveling out of the country to see J. Only this time, it’s not him, nor it is with him, but alone, to see my friend.

She used to live two blocks from me and she was the one person I could call up (or she could call me) and say “want to come over and hang?”

And we’d pack up our kids and shift over to one another’s houses and hang out for a spell.

I really miss her.

I got off the ferry before noon and she and her three young kids were there waiting for me, as if it hadn’t been MONTHS since we last saw each other on a very short visit.

She suggested getting some takeout sushi so we trooped in to the sushi place, which also sold live lobster.

Her middle child, who is four, (and a boy who also spent alot of time tonight sitting on my lap and passing vibrating gas) was suddenly standing at the edge of the lobster tank with his finger high up in the air and he yelled, “I FEED DIS TO DA LOBSTAS!”

And then he flicked in his incredibly large boogie, freshly picked from his tiny nose. (or “snoogie” as he calls it)


After a hectic afternoon of multitasking and holding babies and making dinner (AND she built a fire in the fireplace), my wonder woman friend sat down and goes, “I envy you your time off.”

My friend is amazing, she works her tail off with these kids, her husband is awesome but works alot, he has to work alot, and she not only takes care of these little ones, but the house, part of his business, and him.  She takes care of it all.

Oh, what I would do to be able to wisk her away for a few days so she can have a break, but for now, me being here is the greatest thing I can do (because she won’t leave her kids). We drank a bottle of wine. We ate cookies. We talked and talked.

J Skyped in and she got to meet him, he met her kids. I showed him the fire and the table set for dinner.

I wish he were here with me, when I go through day to day stuff or not-so-much normal things like a quick jaunt out of town without the kids like this. 

Four weeks from tonight he’ll be sleeping in my bed, for good, with me again.


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