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I tend to ponder stuff, alot of “I wonder why…” things. Even when sitting in a restaurant, on our first date, I asked J why he swished and smelled the wine.

He shrugged and said “I dunno. My sister does it.”

By the end of the evening, I must have asked a few more questions and looked at me and laughed and said, “You sure do ask alot of questions.”

I do. I like figuring things out and thinking about things.

I like to know stuff.

So, I have some questions randomly going through my head lately.

1) Is Bruce Jenner wearing alot of makeup or has he had a facelift?

2) what will it be like to live with J? Permanently. I mean, MY GOSH, I haven’t lived with anyone in, oh, 5 years. And look where that landed me. (oh yeah, here, with J).

3) Will J always leave the seat up? Or will he start putting it down after he pees? I have never ever said anything to him about it. It doesn’t bother me, it amuses me. He has only lived with one woman in his life, for about five years. I wonder what will happen when one of my kids go to the bathroom and fall in.

4) How come weather.com says it’s currently raining in my town when I am standing outside in 70 degrees and sun?

5)  Why is farting funny?

6) How come Dove Bars NEVER go on sale? I asked the guy who is always stocking the ice cream section at the market (he knows me now) . Seriously, I asked him, “Do the Dove Bars EVER go on sale?” And he goes, “NOPE.”

And then, lastly, tonight, on Skype, J and I were catching up since the last few days were merely quick hellos and emails while I was at my friends’ house down south. (southern Massachusetts, not South as in “Arkansas”.)  

At one point, our conversation went like this:

J: I’ll be home in a week and three days.

Me: You still want to come home?

J: Yup.

Me: You still want to live together?

J: You bet I do.

Me: You still want to BE with me?

J: I sure do.

Me (flashing some boob): Ya want some of this?

J: (laughs, unable to speak)

As a post script, I am looking ahead and wanted to mention, you DO realize, that the theme of my writing is going to be changing, fairly soon. You know why? Well, because, if you’ve been paying attention, J is going to be moving in.

There will be a man in the house, for good now.

I know there will be some adjusting and we’ll need our own studio time (me with my art and him with his music). There will be STUFF to deal with. I expect it to be smooth sailing, but am sure we’ll be faced with some hilarity and stuff to work out from time to time.

There will be basic “step” parenting going on, which so far, has  been really easy and great, but that’s not been a PERMANENT thing, you know, before. I mean, he was coming and going.

But it is getting close and I am coping better with this last jaunt of his overseas. This one was a rough one for some reason and that was surprising since the beginning was so hard. I mean, this should be a breeze!!!

Maybe I am still thinking he is going to change his mind in the end.

I am coping better by doing things like painting, getting ready for an art sale coming up, potentially going to the beach on Saturday since it’s gonna be 75 degrees (WOOT!), cleaning the house and continuing to clean out crap from the closets and drawers to give him space…. and doing things like, making extra keys for our basement and side door (although, he has had a key to the front door for quite a while now). 

Yeah. You know it’s serious when you’re making more extra keys!


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