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It’s my day


Today is my 36th birthday.

My birthday is a funny thing.

I don’t tell anyone when it is. Although Facebook pretty much announces it a week in advance, so my wall kind of smothered my May 3rd art sale announcement flier that I posted. Dammit.

If they don’t remember, I don’t really think about it. I notice when my kids aren’t here for my birthday, and this is the second year in a row that they aren’t. But they remembered. I’ll be seeing them in two days again.

A few days ago, my dad called and left me a voicemail, singing “Happy Birthday”. At the end, he paused and goes, “Gosh, I hope today’s your birthday.”

It’s slightly reminiscent of how when I was a kid, my parents celebrated my birthday on the 20th instead of the 24th for YEARS before they realized they had the wrong date. Believe me, I have checked and rechecked my birth certificate…because at one point I thought something was fishy and perhaps they’d adopted me.

Unfortunately, I carry too many traits from our family to not be biologically related.

I woke up to a phone call from J. The reception was crappy, so a conversation turned into email exchanges instead. 

I HATE THIS GIG and ready for it to be over.  

I went for a walk.

UPDATE: I got an AWESOME VOICEMAIL from my most hilarious friend, Mrs. K. (see comments section)

I had coffee with one friend.

I had lunch with another.

Went for a beach walk with another.

I went to my favorite consignment store and bought absolutely nothing.

I’ve rented some movies and will be making popcorn.

I ate my last Cadbury Creme Egg. 

Do I feel older? Nope. Do I worry about my age? Hate my age? Nope.

I look at where I am and will take note of 36 as the beginning of a new year with J and Red and Blue.

He was unexpected last year and I am sure there will be more of that good, coming along.


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