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The return


I got my girls back today FINALLY after a week without them.

As much as I got done and as much as I didn’t sleep (seriously folks, a whole week and I never slept past 6am, AM I CRAZY?) and as much free time as I had, it kind of sucked as much as it was great.

Does that make sense?

It’s kind of my own version of “bittersweet”.

I did spend part of Saturday sitting on the beach in my bikini getting some color on my ass-white-ass. (okay, not literally, but got some color on my body and face, so I don’t look so, so, so….wintry….)

I painted a bunch. I hung a cork board in my studio that has been LEANING for the last three years, against the wall.

I grocery shopped. I shopped online for the girls’ spring/summer clothes…flip flops and bathing suits, included. 

My car’s air conditioning broke.


It broke on the day I had to drive an hour down the highway in 90 degree heat towards Boston (my car said it was 90 when I got to their dad’s house). I quickly was taken back to my childhood where either my parents didn’t believe in air conditioning in the car or our car just plain didn’t have one and we drove everywhere with the windows down. (yah, this was Southern California with the VW stick shift van).  

The girls weren’t used to it either, “it’s SO LOUD” they complained, the windows down all the way home. We tried rolling them up but in two seconds we were perspiring. 

I could even feel the drag on the car, having the windows down. But boy, when we got back up to the coast and the temperature was only 72, WAS I GRATEFUL TO LIVE AT THE BEACH!

As much as I would like to save the money, I am taking the car in tomorrow morning, first thing, to have it fixed.

We had a great afternoon here at home once we got here, windblown. RIGHT as I was singing to them at bedtime, a problem between two sisters erupted.

What it was, was minor. Their reactions were major. I had some mega parenting to do suddenly, after a week of eating guacamole, toast and fruit from the farmer’s market.  And watching movies in bed in my underwear while browsing the internet.

As I watched the clock tick closer to 8, knowing they somehow had to get through the week of school after going through Orlando, Florida bootcamp of dolphin swimming, theme parks and Bippity Bobbity Boutique (or whatever it’s called) I started to panic, knowing that past 8 was going to mean pure hell the next day.

In the end, I heard “I WANT DADDY” and “YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME” and “YOU NEVER CUDDLE WITH ME” and “YOU LIKE HER MORE THAN ME” and then “You’re always on your computer!” 

Tomorrow is going to be an absolute bitch. (they did fall asleep by 9)


With those exclamations, I felt shot through the heart.

It’s true. Sometimes I get work coming in, in the afternoons and sometimes even weekends. I mostly save it until nighttime or when the girls are in school but on occasion, I have to respond right away. And then sometimes, it isn’t work at all, sometimes I am just plain uninspired by iCarly or Polly Pockets or whatever fight the girls are having in the hallway. And in that un-inspiration, I may place an order on Drugstore.com. Or I read blogs. Or I write a blog post. Or I return some emails.

So, sheepishly, with my tail between my legs, I have promised to cut back on computer time when the girls are home. There are exceptions though, like when they are watching television on the weekends, as long as I am sitting with them with my laptop actually on my lap, I am allowed. While they are eating or fighting or screaming at me to help them with their pajamas after their bath or even, say, when a piece of furniture has fallen atop them (just kidding, this has never happened), my computer needs to be shut off. 

I wrote this new rule, except for the exception of sitting with them when they are watching television…that was their gift back to me.

When we finally said goodnight, Red whispered, “I’m SO glad we are home now!”


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