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I came out okay on taxes this year, merely because I didn’t make alot of money and I spent a bundle on this Apple MacBook Pro.

Sad, huh?

I love my Apple MacBook Pro. I love it more than ALMOST everything in my house, almost more than my iphone, which comes in second over my butter dish and handmade mattress and seasonal ocean view.

And if you don’t include people in my house. I love people in my house more than I love my Macbook Pro. But I sure do love my Macbook Pro.


A few years ago, when I first started filing individually again after my divorce, I overpaid my estimates. By four thousand dollars. My tax guy, who I think is great, just left it and rolled it over the next year.

Well, this year, I realized something and sent him an email.

“May I have whatever money is leftover please so I can put it in my CD?” 

So, instead of rolling it over again, I got about three thousand dollars back. Mentally, I am calculating what I will need next year, but grateful to have the refund in my own control.

So, I know two people now who had boob jobs.

One is a realtor.
The other is a yoga instructor.

Neither are my friends, but I know them.

Apparently, they wrote off their boobs jobs for “business expenses” because they say it helped bring in more business.


And to think, although I am painting from photos I took on my trips to the islands to visit J, my tax guy laughed when I asked, “can I write part of this trip off as a business expense?”

Seriously. I am cranking out 15 new paintings from this one island trip. And ten more in the works from the other trip. And these ladies WROTE OFF THEIR BOOB JOBS.

I can’t figure out why my tax guy laughed when I asked if I could write off some of my trip expenses?


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