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Another plug for Skype

On his last gig in Europe, J lands in his room with some stellar internet connection.

Skype works like a dream.

We talk four times today.

I watched him fall asleep for his nap before his first night gigging in this new club.

Later, after he played, he called.

We looked at each other clearly, so clear, I could see the dimples I love in his cheeks. There was no interruption, we never froze or got cut off like every night in the last month…because, I repeat, the internet was stellar.

“Hey, Baby.” He said. “Can’t wait to be home with you soon.”

But he was a little upset that in his European digs, the television doesn’t pick up the incredible NBA game that was going on at that very moment..

So we solved that problem from my end for him.

Yay for Skype!

p1010014 (note: in case you don’t “get” it, I set up my laptop for him in front of the television in my bedroom so he could Skype with the NBA game. Seriously. This really happened.)


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