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In a little while

Last night was my last night without you.

In a little while you’ll be home.

I’ve cut my hair.


I painted my nails.





Shampoo’d the rugs.


I bought you a new toothbrush because sometimes, when you were away, I would space out and use yours. You need to start out here with a new toothbrush.


I’ve cleaned the bathroom.

I made a meal, something other than cereal.

It’s been six months and in a little while, tonight, you will be home for good.

I felt relief when I saw online that your plane landed in your layover city and your next stop is Boston.

I shouldn’t whine, because I know I got to go visit you on the first island. 

And then the second island.

And then for those two weeks at the beginning of March.

And those handful of hours on your layover just over six weeks ago.

But it’s not the same as turning to you on any particular night, perhaps a warm and balmy one with a full moon, and decide to open some cold beer with the windows open.  

It’s not the same of as your hand on my back when we sleep.

And it’s certainly not anything like what I wished for when I met you.

I’ll not being taking the normal things for granted, like brushing teeth and motioning to each other, who should spit first. It’s usually me, because you seem to brush for ten minutes and my mouth burns from the minty paste after two.

Or hearing you snore. That will always be a reminder that you are near. 

Your hilarious annoyance with the drunk folks who sometimes talk loudly in your ear at the piano, makes me laugh and I love being there for you to vent at the end of the night.  While we eat cheese and crackers at 2am standing up in the kitchen, half naked, before crashing into bed.

We’ll be waking up to the girls jumping on the bed, WAY too early in the morning, demanding a game of Uno and walking down to the breakfast place.

On most nights, when I was sleeping, I felt you “not here” and the wait just seemed way too fucking long.

I can shut down Skype for a long while.  

My goodness, Baby, tonight you are coming home.

And look, the tree outside the bedroom window is in bloom again. It’s about time.


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