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There are some things I feel I can’t live without, more favorite things…things I looooooove.

1) ZCover for my MacBook Pro laptop keyboard.  I bought it after J dropped a spoon of chocolate ice cream on my keyboard when we were on the island. I figured out how to pop the keys off my keyboard and clean it, but now, with the ZCover, I can eat my breakfast while hovering over my laptop. I bought one for J’s laptop too. These things can be washed with soap and water and dried and lay back down on the keyboard. I looove it.zcover_apknbnin2) The Cadbury Egg. They were on sale at the market after Easter. I decided to get six of them. They rang up full price on the register and I held up the line for ten minutes while they fixed the problem and I got my discount. I figured I would see how long I could stretch out six Cadbury Eggs. It was about three days. You do the math.


3) My Lumix Camera. I keep it in my handbag at all times and always have it to snap shots for painting or of the kids or of J. It takes video that works like a dream. It’s currently in Europe with J, since he broke his camera and since I have three digital cameras (all for different uses) I sent him out again with my Lumix. He’s taken 280 photos so far. I think he should be a professional photographer by day and continue with the professional piano playing by night. Because he rocks at both! (who knew?)panasonic-lumix-dmc-fx55-camera-1

4) Baja Fresh. Unfortunately the one about fifteen minutes south of me off the highway is GONE. “GONE” I SAY. My friend went in to the business next door to it and asked what happened. Apparently the landlord kicks out the tenant (or raises the rent) every few years. Baja Fresh was always, always packed. And now it is gone. Our local Mexican restaurant is horridly non-Mexican, so now, I just have to make my own. (I do anyway, but still, I love me some basic Baja Fresh). It’s not the small authentic hole in the wall Mexican place I am used to from growing up in Los Angeles, but it made me happy, here on the East Coast.baja_20fresh_20logo


5) Herbs on a windowsill. Need I say more?  My friend, Alice, gave me this a week or so ago. It is from a plant in her garden that was her great grandfather’s. photo1

6) Wireless Router. I love to sit in bed on the computer. Or the kitchen. Or, um, sometimes even the bathroom. (come on, admit it, you’ve done that too)wireless-router

7) Smitten Kitchen

I just happen to love it. Been reading it for a long time.

8 ) The Aroundme application on my iphone. Absolutely brilliant.aroundme1

9)  Red Vines Licorice. When I was in college in the midwest, they were nowhere to be found in any stores. My dad used to send me bit barrels of them from California. Now, here on the East Coast. I can get them whenever I want. I ration them and only buy a little package when I go to a movie. (at CVS. I smuggle them into the movie theatre, shhhh don’t tell)red-vines-jar_fun-shot

10) The Beach. I spent the day there today. It was awesome.


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A rather twisted “twist” on my usual “my favorite things” posts. 

1. Dear J. You’re wrong by the way. My living room couch is NOT a comfortable sleeping couch. Sleeping on top of you, on the couch, now that’s comfortable. You just happen to have the luxury of being able to sleep virtually anywhere. Lucky dog. Still, I can’t believe you slept down here all those nights when the girls were in the house, before you moved up to my bed!!!! Sheesh. I am SO sorry. (pet peeve: sleeping on the couch when there are house guests in my bedroom.

2. Jeans with a too low crotch. I hate that. SO uncomfortable. I love the new Levi’s I just bought online. Lowrise boot cut, normal crotch.

3. Folks who lack humility.

4. Tofu. Unless it is firm tofu, cooked by professionals who have soaked in in good spicy sauce AND made it crispy, tofu is not a favorite thing. Dear Dad. Thanks for making dinner tonight. Even though I made gagging noises when you suggested tofu, you still went to the market, bought it and made it for me for dinner. Thanks.

5. When the DVR cuts short the song of the century on American Idol. Fortunately, I was able to log on to the internet and find Adam Lambert’s performance of “Mad World”. He should win, just because of that. I-Love-Him. But I love J more.

6. Allergies. I don’t know whether I have a cold or am allergic to something blowing around outside.

7.  When people confuse “there” and “their”. I want to correct them but don’t want to be a snob. But I do business with someone who uses “their” all the time, improperly. “I will be their at 9”.

8. The life span of tulips. In a pot in my house I have tulips. They were closed up when I bought them. Then they opened. 5 days later, they are done. Bummer.

9.  Watery warm coffee. Coffee must be strong and hot. With hot frothed milk.

10. Killing plants and flowers. I generally buy something small and potted (or cut flowers)  and keep it the house and water it like it tells me to and then when it dies, it dies. I can  never revive anything. In terms of  real genuine house plants, it is J forte, so when he comes home, we’ll pick something and I’m going to hand it over to him. Because you know, otherwise, it will become very very very dead and useless.

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It wasn’t until Red seemed to have outgrown all her underwear and I went to Target to get the next size up, that I realized I needed to replace some of my own.

So, I got her some butterfly undies and went to my section to check out the selection.

I was standing there in front of an enormous wall of underwear at Target. It vaguely reminded me of shopping for cereal, bathroom cleaner, or vaginal cream…there are like, a million to choose from and if you don’t read carefully, you are going to go home with the wrong thing.

So, I found myself standing there, perturbed, alongside three other women, who looked equally confused. One was ripping open packages and holding them up, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye and laughed “I’m sorry, but if I don’t see the thing out of it’s package and see how large the ass is, I can’t know what I am getting.”

Another woman was looking for underwear that didn’t “shift” when she went through her day.

The last woman didn’t say anything, and when I left, she was still standing there, looking just as confused as when I got there.

My issue?

Well. It was very simple.

I simply could not find 100% cotton plain (white or black) string bikini underwear.

There was bikini. (but not STRING bikini)

There was string THONG. (but not string BIKINI)

And then there was every granny kind of underwear known to man. Boy shorts. 

I found one pair of 100% cotton string bikini underwear, but they had some sort of funky pattern that is reminiscent of what I would wear when I was thirteen.

So, I couldn’t believe it. I went to Target to find some underwear for myself and did not succeed.

Back at home, I Googled it. 

I had a difficult time just finding normal string bikini underwear, much less 100% cotton.

In the end, I nixed the 100% cotton thing and found some string bikini on http://www.Gap.com.  I also ended up going down the road of getting some lacy pretty stuff too.

Of course, it won’t be seen by anyone special for about 6 weeks or so.

note: that is not me. but that is my new underwear.

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Watching Movies


Leave it to J, he can always find a rerun of “Good Will Hunting” on television. Seriously. No matter the day or time.

We love movies. I always have, and coming together with J, we watch alot of them, especially independent quirky films. We’ve seen a great many, a most recent rental was “Bottle Shock”, about Napa Valley wineries placing themselves on the international map in the wine-world.

The other night we watched Vie en Rose, the story of Edith Piaf. We chose it mainly because J is about to play a two week private gig on a yacht back down in the islands, for a Polish couple who requested French and Italian tunes on top of his regular repertoire. The story was somber but inspiring with how despite Piaf’s life was filled with misfortune, her spirit was one connected with her voice and singing and her ability to live through love.

The next night, we were in his room and decided to look through is dvd collection and find a movie to watch. I’d never seen Spinal Tap, so we put that one in. I had a particularly good time recognizing actors from other movies and tv shows, like the guy who played Lenny on Laverne and Shirley. And Fran Drescher, young and beautiful.

While looking through J’s sweet collection of classics, I came across a boxed set of Beavis and Butthead.

I held it up. “Um, Beavis and Butthead?”

He shrugged and smiled sheepishly. “What can I say? I get a kick out of that for some reason.”

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1. Blue singing to herself in the back seat of the car while Red reads “The Boxcar Children”.

2. Photos. Photos of the kids. Photos of good places I’ve been. Photos of my artwork. Photos of my family. Photos of J.

3. The ringing of Skype on my computer in the mornings.

4. Paying off the credit card.

5. Cheese and Ritz Crackers.

6. Dr. Pepper flavored Bonnie Belle Lip Smackers. 

7. Having the girls in school two blocks from home.

8. Making room in the drawers, closets and storage for when he comes home for good.

9. Not having to or wanting to go anywhere during a snowstorm.

10. A fully charged battery on the cell phone. Specifically, MY NEW iPHONE!!!!

11. Hymns from my church, even though I no longer believe in my church.

12. Anything made out of fleece.

13. A Starbucks with a fireplace.

14. Blue snoring in her bed

15. A neighbor with a snowplow on his truck.

16. Blistex

17. Accomplishing waxing the bikini line.

18. A working furnace

19. Sleeping with him next to me

20. Landing safely

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I am going to break from my trip posts to post something very special.

I’ve known Paul since I was a kid, our grandparents were friends. I have photos of us from when I was about 5 years old and consider him a very good friend, even though I haven’t seen him for a few years. We keep in touch.

He’s inspiring and funny and witty and talented and you can check it out here.

Bad Cop, by Paul Bacon is being released on March 17th and can be found on Amazon.com.

And there was this written up in the New York Post.

I pre-ordered mine a few months ago. Can’t wait to read it!

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Just what I need


I finally paired down my magazine subscriptions.

I am bummed because “Cottage Living” stopped publishing but they replaced it with “Coastal Living”.

“Real Simple” is still my favorite.

I cancelled “Martha Stewart” because I can’t ever duplicate anything she does in there, so it gets depressing.

“Bazaar”, a free subscription my mom gave me via her credit card company, is equally unrealistic. I throw on some Aveda makeup, brush my hair if I’m lucky and wear jeans almost every day of my life. The things in there, I can’t always describe…I can’t ever fathom wearing…much less buy anything for less that 5k.

Oprah’s “O Magazine”, I let the subscription run out because I also record her show on the DVR. And honestly, what I see on her show is in her magazine, so it’s already old news by the time I read it.

But something was recently released.


Yes, people, Jamie Oliver has his own magazine. I think I just gasped for air.


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