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Money is annoying. Every few weeks I sit down with my folder of bills and invoices. I pay my bills and send out my invoices. Sometimes they are second invoices to a client. Sometimes a third. I have one that I’ve been billing for $93, every month, since last December. (that’s December 2007!!!)

I get mad that people won’t pay me, even though I have never been a day late on any bill. Ever.

I also realize that people have things going on and sometimes it’s tight and they push it and leave it and try to ignore it. The woman who owes me $93 actually carries children’s tshirts that I designed, for the last few years, that I designed, in her retail store. She carries huge brands of children’s toys and things along with my shirts. Getting her to pay me is like pulling teeth. She’s been a good client though, WHEN she actually pays me. And my shirts sell well in her store. Everyone knows they are there. People buy them there.

And I bite my tongue when people mention it to me (because it is a popular store) and keep myself from saying “yeah, she’s delinquent in her payment!”

Sadly, with the economy going the way it is and people getting scared and families over extended for one reason or another, some of it is moving close to home.

First, I am gladly and gratefully mortgage free. I own my home. When things are bad, at least I know we have a roof over our heads. A relative is about to lose their home. They are frantically trying to sell their nearly brand new house, with in-ground pool and a sort of farm, before the bank takes it. The difference between the two, selling it for cheap or having the bank take it, is massive.

Family members are losing stock in the market. And I feel the franticness they are feeling as it slides and as they see their numbers dip. What was secure to them for their future, not feeling so secure, especially at their older ages.

I find that I am somewhat frugal. I mean, we don’t do without ALL luxuries, but I definitely watch it, more so now. I was thinking ahead towards Christmas. I did my shopping online already. It has all been shipped. And I consider myself done aside from my mom and dad. Mom wants a particular painting done. Dad gets a rare food basket. (random, I know, he likes food baskets). The girls are done though, along with their birthdays, which fall around the holidays. A tree, though, for instance, is an added cost. And I was thinking how I generally can’t get away with spending less than $75 for a decent tree. I was looking at a table in my living room, and thinking “I could find a $40 tree and put it on the table to make it seem bigger.” 

And then I thought about how the poor tree selling people are going to probably have alot of folks this year, buying smaller, cheaper trees. And then the cycle continues of people not making what they need, not making ends meet.

Of course, I am not about to buy a more expensive tree, just cause I feel bad for the seller, but it gave me something to think about. The cycle of what we do and what we change in our spending habits, effects everyone. Prices go higher in markets, gas is up and down ($2.89 at our local place, woot!) fundraising for schools get crazier. 

In fact, I am even going to be canceling my Netflix. Because I realize, I have every movie station on my cable, with comes with my three package deal, which means endless movies and tv that I can record or watch “OnDemand”. 

But, I am not canceling until I finish the final season of Sex and the City. I am on a roll. Almost done. I’m not sure what I will do when it is over. I’ll feel so empty. Oh, but so educated. 

I was talking to J about what we both do for work and we realized that we are both luxuries to people. It’s kind of a bummer because I personally feel it when people are cutting back. I depend on the wealthy in a way who don’t flinch at a price for a painting that they don’t necessarily NEED. You can’t eat a painting. It doesn’t heat your house. Fortunately for me, right now, people are buying and that is MY great need!


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So tired.

Hung my show this morning.

Per a few posts ago, it isn’t crap. I already have interest in a few pieces, while I was hanging the work. And as I hung it, I saw it in new light. And feel good about my last few months of work.

Piano Man came back into town last night and we spent some time together last night and this afternoon before I took the girls to their dad’s.

Now, I’m heading out to a Reuben Sandwich party (yes, that’s what I said) with a bunch of moms I know and then heading to Piano Man’s work to hear him play and sing a bit if I feel up to it.

I am damn tired.

Sunday is my opening reception and I have to do very little other than show up and Piano Man is coming to help me drag a rack of paintings that are still in my studio, in to the reception.

And then, I know I will fall into bed naked and sleep for twelve hours. With him next to me, no doubt.

My next show is November 6th. And then a group reception the following week. And then Thanksgiving weekend. And then December 11th. And then I will be done for the season.


Not wishing time away, but keeping it all organized in my head and working it out as I go. 

One step at a time. 

Bird by Bird.

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I’ve been working for months and just finished fifteen paintings on wood using watered down acrylic.

I am a watercolorist by trade and nature.

But I loved love loved painting on wood, you can see the grain through it all.

And I am sitting here looking at the stacks of them leaning up against each other, varnished, hardware installed for hanging. I am measuring and pricing each of them. I am naming them.

And suddenly, I thought to myself, “This is crap. What if this is total crap!?!?!?!?!”

Crap, I say.

Perhaps it’s more because I’ve been staring at it, thinking about it, working on it, for so long.

I am damned tired of it.

I am worried it might be crap.

What if my show is crap?


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Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy…thank GOODNESS I’m not FORTY. (I say that just because it rhymed)

Lordy, please let me get through the next ten days without getting my head unscrewed. Let me finish the last few paintings on time and be happy with them. Let me varnish them without killing myself  or at least passing out and let me hang with delicacy so nothing falls and breaks.

Let me have a decent turnout and sell lots.

I know that what I do is more about DOING it than making a buck. I am a fortunate single mum who gets to be home with the kids when they are home and paint in all her spare time, whenever she wants, and make money at it.

But this year. Please, LORDY, let this stuff sell so I can pay off my new(ish) Mac. It’s a need, not a want.

Give me the courage to plow through the three other arts events between now and Christmas, so that I don’t meltdown or screw something up.

Now, speaking of “wants”…I want to go out of country to see Piano Man for a week in December. And again in February.

So, dammit, Lordy, make people want to buy art and make them want to buy it now.

Lordy, I am not wishing life away, but I dream of January once in a while, so I can get caught up on my Oprahs.

I hope exhusband…I mean, the girls’ father, gets off my back and stays off my back.

And a light winter so I can keep walking and have sun and not shovel snow.

Let me have the patience and strength when Piano Man is away, to go with the flow and feel okay. And sell lots of work so I can pay for the ridiculously expensive flight to go see him. Even though he says he wants to fly me there. On his bill. That’s amazing. But not okay with me.

Please bring him back.

Lordy, please let this excema on my arms go away. I hate it. Steroid cream is not only expensive but doesn’t seem to be working. Excema is JUST-NOT-SEXY.

Lordy, please keep my sis safe. It’s taken her years to get preggers and now she is and she has only told me and her husband and her doctor, it’s very early. May it stick and be healthy and good for her. Give me the strength to know what to say when she calls me in the middle of the night with a screaming nursing baby and cracked nipples.

May I get through the winter without anxiety, depression, gaining weight or acne.

May my girls continue to talk to me every day after school, during breakfast, at bedtime, on the weekends, on the phone when they are with their dad, so I know what they are thinking, wanting and needing. May they continue to get along and be respectful to each other, me and everyone else around them. And be creative and make stuff and explore and express.

Let them know how to be happy, no matter what.

Let us all stay safe, feel safe and continue to live each day through love.

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Artsy Fartsy

All my “spare” time during the day is directed towards my painting and getting ready for my show on October 5th. Interestingly, the more time I have with the kids in school, the more I overbook for myself with what I want to paint and how much I want to paint and how complicated I want to paint.

Here’s a new batch of some smallish watercolors for the holiday sale season.

As always, if you are interested in a piece or seeing my professional website, please email me at movindowntheroad@gmail.com.

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Yes. For once, I feel no guilt in looking forward to the weekend. The girls get a breather from me and school and go to their dad’s and I am shutting down shop at 5pm on Friday and won’t be working until Monday morning. Because I am forcing myself to forget what I need to do and just kick back, enjoy Piano Man, spend some time with D who is coming home from NYC for the weekend…we’re all heading to the piano bar on Saturday night for a big shebang. Remember D’s auntie who loved a piano man once? Well, along with her, we’ve got a gang of about 8 going to belt a few out. Yes. I can’t wait. We’ll be shutting down the season with a bang. 

I took a photo of the mural I painted at the elementary school the other day. I mean, that was yesterday. How I lose track of time WHEN I’M ON THE HELPDESK WITH APPLE AND MY REGISTRAR FOR FIVE HOURS ALL DAY! Yes, that was today.

I nearly cried when my helpdesk guy figured out the problem and actually FIXED it. And now, my new website is up, people can see my art. I can sell now. It looks good. I can stop stressing. 

Seriously though, by the end of the second hour on the help chat thing with Apple, I was offering the guy cake. I told him “if you fix this for me, I will send you a cake.” He didn’t fix it. It was the THIRD guy, a few hours later, who gets the cake. I said to him “YOU GET CAKE! The last guy doesn’t get cake!” 

I was choked up, I was so grateful. And then I went out into the sun and breathed for a bit before going up the street to pick the girls up from school.

And I was rewarded with love from them when they told me I was the nicest mommy in the world and how happy I must be today because I allowed them to watch tv after they did their homework. Banning tv since the weekend was the best thing I ever did.

Piano Man just let me know he found out that the apartment he is staying in while playing out of country in December and January, has wi fi. Which means, we can have ichat sex in desperate times. Just kidding. Okay, no I’m not. It will just be good to not be paying a fortune to talk on the phone while he is gone and to be able to talk to his face on my computer screen as I do now. What a difference it makes the long distance thing.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I got on to Amazon and ordered the kids’ birthday and Christmas presents. You can buy anything on Amazon. Did you know that? ANYTHING. And I got what I needed, could track the spending, count things and look into details on things. I even got BLENDY PENS. (the girls have seen the informercial and keep asking me to buy them for them…I will never buy something from an 800 number off the television but I will order the same thing from Amazon.)

Lastly, our driveway was finished today, being paved. The guys doing it were great. They did a great job. As I was leaving the house to get the girls from school, the head dude, who owns the paving company, was getting ready to pack it in. They were finished with the job. I had given them the check an hour earlier. I went to thank them and he says to me “SO, HEY ARE YOU MARRIED?”

I was taken aback and said “um, no, not anymore!”

And he goes, “Well, you’re such a pretty lady! I should come up here for a drink sometime!”

This cracked me up because his business and home is about an hour and a half south of my town.

Yeah, right. Man.

And these were not guys who you wanted to be working throughout the day in your driveway without their shirts.

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When I am tired, I start picking the Chex out of the Chex Mix.

And eat icecream sandwiches.

And licorice.

And do absolutely nothing but pray my children go to sleep asap so I can turn on the television and watch drivel .

And in the end, I end up working or paying bills or something. (the digital video recorder is getting filled up) My work is fun and something I love, but sometimes I just don’t want to think about it.

I was asked by the elementary school if I could do something with a big boarded up window in the girls’ bathroom. So today I spent four hours painting a “window”.  I’ll have photos soon, as I forgot my camera. I finish up details in the morning after dropping the girls off.

When I was at a stopping point, I came home and went for a walk. It was warm and sunny, but when I went out further towards the point, I found myself walking into the fog. And I felt kind of sad. I feel guilty for wanting school to be in session, which means summer ends and cold arrives. Less sun. More inside time. 

I’ve been half ignoring the fact that Piano Man’s time for his summer gig here is nearing end in a few weeks and then he goes away for a winter gig. But walking into the fog made me think of it and feel sad about it. Granted, I am one for space and enjoying my time alone and alone with the girls, but I just damn like to have him around. When I turned around and walked home, back into the sunny areas, he called me on my phone and it reminded me that I got something good, no matter how long it lasts. And to have him be away, is a good test. For both of us. 

I have another eight paintings to do before the 3rd, when I hang my art show. I’ve done other things than tackle them. I cleaned my house, made apple pound cake, walked alot, played gamed with the kids and slept. 

My website is currently down as I am changing hosts. But since the host switch over isn’t complete for 72 hours, I have to wait until tomorrow to call the mac people because it is also giving me a password prompt for the site I designed in iweb. A password I didn’t set up and can’t find anywhere in my preferences.

To top it off, I was online with their help people, with APPLE HELP PEOPLE FOR MOBILE ME, and nothing was resolved. The guy was nice and gave me a bunch of troubleshooting things to do, which didn’t work. So now I am back to square one. First, I am going to wait for those 72 hours to be done. Then I am going on a rampage online with the online help people…watch out, to the next online help person who gets me. I am super annoyed. My only complaint about this awesome Mac.

The bummer is that the invitations to my October 5th art show and reception, has my website on it. So people who are getting that invite this week, well, can’t see my site.

That’s called GREAT PLANNING!

So this is me exhausted today.

Nothing more to say.

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