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I decided to go to THIS NEW PLACE

Just for fun.

Life has changed so much and am ready to move on instead of adding on, if that makes sense.

Nothing has changed, Movin’ Down the Road is still going to stay as my archives.

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Funny things happen.

Like today, I went to the bank to get some cash because here on the island where I live, alot of places only take cash. The fish market being one of them. This is a fishing town, filled with all sorts of types.

Down near the docks, I went with my cash and my 5 year old “Blue” to the fish market. It is warm and beach weather and I am wearing a cute flowing black skirt that I paid $5 for on the sale rack at some boutique in the off season (who needs Old Navy?).

I leaned in to unbuckle Blue’s seatbelt and there were fishermen loading up some fish nearby.

The wind picked up and my beautiful blowy skirt flew up over my head.


There was silence from the fishermen. What gentlemen.

But then I heard a “WOOT!” from a car that had passed.

After my messy divorce, I moved 40 miles north (to the ocean) from Ex-husband. He lives in a suburb I came to despise because I had conformed into a Stepford-like wife. I decided I didn’t like it and when Blue was 2 and Red was 4, I packed up and moved out.

I dated a chef for two years.

And then a clammer.

Yes, random, I know.

And now I decided to take a breather after having some rough times with both. Just be a mom and build my business and have fun with the few friends I have and think about things.

All I know is that I am done with being exhausted.

Both girls will be in school 5 days a week next year, all day. I am trying to figure out what I will do other than paint every day in my studio, alone, with my music blaring.

You may see photos of my work from time to time here and if you want to buy something, you can email me at movindowntheroad@gmail.com.

This is an anonymous blog. I don’t care if you know who I am, my name, whatever. But I care if someone I know finds me here, when I want to be anonymous.

I see the funny stuff happening all around my family of three. Red (7), Blue (5) and me (35).

My mom lives nearby and I try really really hard to NOT be too much like her but on occasion I give my sister a panicked call out in California and scream “I JUST cleaned out the laundry room at midnight, JUST LIKE MOM!” or “I just scolded Red and I sounded JUST LIKE MOM!” Don’t get me wrong, I love her, the kids love her and she is the only babysitter I trust with my children and she is awesome. (except for the time she almost gave Blue a cookie that OBVIOUSLY had tree nuts in it. And recently we became aware that Blue is intensely allergic to tree nuts).

Sis and Dad live out in the Los Angeles area. Dad is a painter. His sweetheart is a painter too. My sister is not a painter. But she still rocks creatively with her business and everything. I am thankful for the Verizon wireless “in-calling” plan because we can talk for free every day if we want, any time.

Whether I choose to see it and document it and love it, you’ll be reading about me, movin’ on down the road.

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