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Being Online

Being online is an activity for me serving many purposes.

I go online to communicate. I am always logged into Skype as you know, for one reason you know. I even have it on my iphone.

I go online to share photos. Especially priceless ones like this

easterand this


I go online to shop. 

I go online to sell my artwork.

I go online to send drafts of copy and design drafts to clients.

I went online to see how to plant peas and grow them and replant them eventually with the kids in my mother’s garden. Apparently, it works because I now have three inch tall pea plants. 

I went online to sign the kids up for tennis camp. And um, research GOLF camp. For summer. My children want to go to golf camp.

I hate golf. Hate it. What we will do for our kids.

I go online for design ideas. And recipes. And to check flights. 

I, um, go online to watch Lifetime Movies.

Yes, what has gotten into me? I watched all of these. I did. That’s worse than vowing to watch the entire series of Will and Grace while J is gone. I have five more weeks to finish three seasons. So I doubt I will get to that.

Considering I have taken a break, and am going to watch Slumdog Millionaire tomorrow from Netflix, after I finish the last Nora Robert’s movie tonight in bed.

Seriously. I am.

They.Are.Bad. But I am watching them online.

I feel at ease as my dad flew home today. I was able to clean a little and get laundry done and was able to breathe a bit too.  I feel guilty about that too, for feeling that way about having him being here for a week.

I’m not really sure where I am going with this post, except to say that sometimes I just have to shut the damn thing off.

But if I do, I always think of something, like “I gotta pay that bill”, or “I wonder exactly what area a Brazilian Wax actually covers?”

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Just ’cause I am lazy (and flat out with writing copy for a client’s website) today, I thought I would post some random photos.

p1030745Red and I taking photo of ourselves in the bathroom mirror one evening.

p1030779A few minutes later, my mom delivered a bag of home made cookies

p1030800Red made me three sandwiches one morning recently and labeled them. PB&J, PB & Fluff and plain jelly. I ate one of them and put the rest down the garbage disposal. But my secret is that I told her I ate them all.

p1030804A few weeks ago I sewed 20 bags for a friend who has a bag company. This is high end textile remnants that we made into shopping bags, you know, so you don’t use plastic. The money I made doing these, paid for my new iphone.

img_5815Me singing “Angel”. J is on the right. An amazing guitar player is on the left. 

lucky-ducksA painting I did this winter from a series of photos I took at a fair in the Fall.

p1020401An espresso cup full of hot cocoa and marshmallows

p1020911Bread baking in the oven

appletreeA random painting I did a gazillion years ago. An apple leaning against a tree.


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1. Blue singing to herself in the back seat of the car while Red reads “The Boxcar Children”.

2. Photos. Photos of the kids. Photos of good places I’ve been. Photos of my artwork. Photos of my family. Photos of J.

3. The ringing of Skype on my computer in the mornings.

4. Paying off the credit card.

5. Cheese and Ritz Crackers.

6. Dr. Pepper flavored Bonnie Belle Lip Smackers. 

7. Having the girls in school two blocks from home.

8. Making room in the drawers, closets and storage for when he comes home for good.

9. Not having to or wanting to go anywhere during a snowstorm.

10. A fully charged battery on the cell phone. Specifically, MY NEW iPHONE!!!!

11. Hymns from my church, even though I no longer believe in my church.

12. Anything made out of fleece.

13. A Starbucks with a fireplace.

14. Blue snoring in her bed

15. A neighbor with a snowplow on his truck.

16. Blistex

17. Accomplishing waxing the bikini line.

18. A working furnace

19. Sleeping with him next to me

20. Landing safely

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  • Tomorrow I am picking my kids up after not seeing them for ten days. They were on their first one week vacation with their dad for summer. Another one will follow mid-August. I got SO much done. AND had fun.
  • I think fire works are overrated unless you are watching with children or a love. Considering I have yet to spend a July 4th with my children or a love, well, fireworks have either not been a part of my night or they just don’t excite me.
  • Saturday night, I sang for the third time this summer in our local piano bar
  • Yes, I said “sang”. With the piano player playing.
  • Scallops are funny things but love them grilled
  • I’ve had at least one drink every day for the last ten days. Some days it was a beer. A few days it was Bloody Marys on the beach. Wine with D at his house before dinner one night. Gin and tonics with the ladies drinking at my house. Now that my girls are coming home, drinking is banished. Until they go again.
  • I’ve realized that even when my children are not with me, I still wake up at 6am
  • I am bartering artwork for guitar lessons from the piano player at the local piano bar.
  • I suck at the guitar so far
  • I am making peppermint icecream and chocolate sauce for D this week as he is home in between jobs.
  • I spent the week before and weekend of 4th of July with people I love.

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