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Piano Man and I go to breakfast at this awesome place down the road, they make 6 different kinds of bread every day, their omlettes are filled with REAL fresh veggies. Their cheese selection is incredible, as are their pancakes. I mean, it isn’t every day you can walk in a total dive of a yummy breakfast place and get poached pears on pancakes. Or fresh peach pancakes. Or grilled eggplant benedict (like eggs benedict but without the ham and english muffin).

But the problem is, they tout (and advertise widely on their menu) “Maxwell House” coffee.

It is so horrid but I love the breakfast there so much.

We’ve contemplated bringing our own.

I’ve written before about how much I love good coffee. Peet’s Major Dickeson’s is my favorite grocery store bagged purchase. Especially when it is on sale for $6.99 for a bag. I go organic when I am at Whole Food’s. I buy a local coffee shop’s beans on occasion.

But I am now pushing it all aside.


It has happened.

Jemima and I had a conversation about coffee and she mentioned a local brewery where she buys her coffee.

The other day, a bag of this arrived in the mail from her.

I had lots going on that day and knew a cup of coffee would serve me well, mid-afternoon.

So I got out the french press and boiled the water in my favorite electric glass kettle.



And then I got out my favorite sugar cubes and put four in.

And then I drank it.

And then I pretty much orgasmed before getting online to order five bags of coffee.

Seriously people.

Thank you Jemima. You rocked my world.

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