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I spent the greater portion of the morning trying to salvage two pairs of Blue’s pants. Thank goodness for the internet because Googling “how to get silly putty out of clothing” happens to be a common problem with folks who have young children.

Two pairs of pants, I say. Yes. Within ten minutes. She got some on one pair of pants. Changed. And got it on the second pair of pants.

Blue glow in the dark silly putty.

Freezing it does not work unless you have globs of it. You can scrape off alot of it. But there is still a thin film of silly putty that would make my daughter a walking glow in the dark butt. 

BUT, my favorite stuff, Goo Gone, did it.

I salvaged two pairs of pants.

And made a rule that silly putty belongs in the bathroom and only in the bathroom, yet away from the white towels.


Not long ago we were at the beach and Red was playing near an outcropping of rocks. She suddenly jetted over to me with this funny expression on her face.

“Hey, Mommy, I saw this man and he had his shirt off and he had two big silver rings poking through the points on his boobies!”

I looked over and there was a man with a mohawk with a blue streak, tattoos and yes, pierced nipples.

Red was completely baffled by it.


Chocolate milk is something I’ve avoided in my house forever. My parents never let me have chocolate milk. Actually, I don’t think chocolate milk was that big a deal when I was a kid in the 80s. But nowadays, I hear the word “chocolate milk” as a standard with kids. 

Personally, I just never introduced it. Red tried it once at a friend’s house a few years ago and hated it. Blue once drank spoiled milk when she as two and never drank milk again…and won’t dare try chocolate milk because “there is milk in it.” Imagine that. Letting a little milk get in the way of some chocolate. This is not my child perhaps.

I think I kind of caved on it today.

The girls have been experimenting with freezing things. They even saved popsicle sticks from the beach to bring home and use in the cup with frozen juice and water.

But this morning, Red asked me to freeze some milk for her.

With a little bit of chocolate.

Blue came running in, excited, exclaiming “I want to make a fudge-stick-ull!”

And so we did.


Blue and Red would like to go back to the piano bar some night soon before it closes for the season, and have french fries, onion rings, water in a kid’s cup and listen to Piano Man one more time. Friday night we contemplated it, but Red had come home from school not feeling well at noon (even though after she had lunch, she felt fine, I think she just wanted to come home to be with me). And I wasn’t feeling so hot. And then it got cool and rainy. And everyone was tired.

Red would not hear it though. “I WANT TO GO TO THE PIANO PLACE!” she whined, right up until she fell asleep. 

But the classic was this: “I need fresh air! I need to get out! I NEED to get to the piano place!”


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